Thursday, 5 August 2010

Farewell study, it was fun!

About 18 months ago Mrs B and I moved in to our current home and chose the smallest of our bedrooms as a study. It was a necessity at the time. I was working permanently from home and needed a quiet space to 'be creative'. My shiny new desk (a six-hour flatpack marathon) needed a space of it's own too, somewhere it could sit proudly, resplendent with my computer and assorted other office paraphernalia.

Everything was together in one place - files, paperwork, notes, boxes and even the odd staple or two - and I used to enjoy the chaos of my cluttered office surroundings. Mrs B wasn't so keen, but, as offices went, and considering I was no more than 20 seconds away from the fridge, TV and bed, it was pretty much the best place I've ever worked.
Yesterday, however, it all came to an end. My dismantled desk was taken, in pieces, downstairs - soon to face trial by eBay - while the files and papers were boxed up and taken to gather dust in the loft.

My office is no more. The end of an era.

In it's place, however, we now have a nursery. And what a fantastic transformation it has been. From wires, cables and box files to a cot, changing table and cuddly toys. Clean, clutter-free and beautiful - you could almost feel the room breathing a sigh of relief. All that's missing now is the little person who, come October, will call this his or her room.

For me, the office-to-nursery move has been one of the biggest moments of this pregnancy to date. It has really brought home the reality of how much our lives will change, in a matter of months. From focusing on ourselves and our needs, everything will now centre around Baby B and his or her needs, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The only question now, however, is what else will go the way of my desk? Keep an eye on ebay to find out!

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