Friday, 27 January 2012

Techno genius

It seems my 15-month-old son is a master of modern technology.

Over the last few days he has taken his fleeting moments of chance (when his parents have dared let their eyes wonder from him for a fraction of a second) to snatch the nearest high-tech gadget he can reach.

'What harm can he do?' I used to foolishly think. Well, the answer is 'a lot!' Indeed, it transpires that two seconds are all he needs to press a combination of buttons on the TV remote that fundamentally alters the set up of our telly, muting whatever we were watching, bringing up subtitles we can't get rid of and changing the ratio of the screen to cut off all visible heads! Two seconds!!!!

And it was the same with my phone. A momentary snatch and grab, and now I'm locked out! How does he do it? These advanced manoeuvres take me ten minutes, five different menu screens and about 50 keystrokes, but my genius son can do it in the blink of an eye.

I'm tempted to take him along to CERN, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, to shave decades of work off the boffins' search for the answers to the big bang and the creation of life as we know it. All they really need to find what they're looking for is to allow an infant in the control room for 30 seconds!

On a separate note, does anyone know how to revert my phone's language from Turkish back to English?!

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  1. I am definitely empathising with you on this one, my 14 month old has decided his toys are redundant and has opted instead for dishwashers, air conditioning units, mobile phones and much to my annoyance laptops. Keep up the great work.