Thursday, 10 June 2010

Commuter dilemma of the day: Fat or pregnant?!

Great article on the BBC news website today on that age old dilemma facing commuters; is she pregnant or just fat?!

This is something that Mrs B and I have noticed more and more as the weeks have gone by. In fact, although we're now in to month six, the bulge is still someway off being obviously 'oh my goodness, here have my seat' pregnant. At the moment it's proabably 'oh my goodness, do I give up my lovely cosy seat and risk insulting a slightly tubby non-pregnant lady first thing in the morning, or bury myself in my newspaper and pretend I haven't noticed' pregnant.

However, massive or not, Mrs B still gets knackered standing up for too long, so we're faced with a daily dilemma at the moment as to whether we say anything or not. And even if we do, will anyone actually listen to us and surrender their seats?

The article mentions a few ways to get around this dilemma but we've found that some serious belly rubbing can do the trick, especially if I dive in for a rub as well.

To be fair to Mayor Boris, London commuters can also apply for a 'Baby on Board' badge - which Mrs B used to sport before losing it - that they can wear to alert others as to their predicament. You can get one HERE.

So as time ticks on, we're just hoping that Mrs B's increasing size will make it more obvious for our fellow commuters. As for a seat for me...no chance!

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