Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ebeneezer good

Mrs B and I lay in bed last night reading random names aloud from a weighty babies' names book. We were looking for any kind of a reaction or sign from our unborn child as to a preference when it came to his/her name.

Having trouble narrowing down our choices - thanks mainly to our award winning indecisiveness (it takes us an hour to decide on tea or coffee) - we had agreed to put the ball in Mini B's court.

Working our way through the alphabet we passed A, B, C and D with very little reaction other than the odd tiny kick or tickle, more I feel in irritation than anything else. However, when we got to E and one name in particular all hell broke loose.

Upon hearing "Ebeneezer" the little one unleashed such an almighty kick that, for the first time, we could very clearly see what was, we assumed, a tiny foot attempting a Jackie Chan impression in the womb.

It was an incredible sight and one that triggered fits of laughter as repetitions of Mini B's new name produced the same result.

So, it seems that we are a few months away from giving birth to an Ebeneezer, no doubt on the same labour ward as a Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit and Jacob Marley!

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