Friday, 11 June 2010

Pregnancy: Week 22 - From cranberry to banana!

It hardly seems possible, but Mrs B is already into her 22nd week of pregnancy, which means we've officially passed the half way mark and are now on the downhill stretch to the big day!

A quick trawl of the internet reveals that Mini B is now 30-32cm long and, as has been the case with every stage of the pregnancy so far, all the websites seem to relate our unborn child to a piece of fruit. This week, we're apparently carrying a large banana!

Indeed, it seems that, whereas the evolution of man is commonly charted with traditional images of the progressive road we have taken from the apes through hairy and hunched primitive man to today's upstanding, mostly hair-free humans; the fetal evolution sees us progress from cranberries, through the awkward strawberry and kiwi fruit weeks and via apples to, today, bananas!

However, we clearly have several fruit stages through which we still need to progress and I have decided not to explore these until we reach them for fear that my soon-to-be-son or daughter will resemble some strange, increasingly large tropical fruit. Mrs B, meanwhile, is just hoping we don't reach the marrow stage!

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