Monday, 14 June 2010

The relief of the 20-week scan

Well, here's Mini B, waving hello at this afternoon's 20-week scan...

...thankfully he/she (see earlier post for the finding-out-the-sex debate) was given the all clear by the sonographer, but not before she had checked every inch, from head to toe in a truly fascinating 15-minute examination.

While Mrs B and I stared nervously at the screen, the sonographer went efficiently about her work, giving us a guided tour of our baby and pointing out the head, hands, bones, lips, nostrils and feet. She also gave us an incredible close up view of our baby's heart, as the valves could be seen opening and closing. The baby's spine and kidneys were similarly seen in great detail. In short, it was the most fascinating biology lesson either of us had ever had!

Check out this website for a more detailed breakdown of what they're looking for at the mid-pregnancy scan.

We are so grateful that B has been given the all-clear. Mind you, the stress and anxiety we felt today has given us our first real insight into what life is going to be like as parents, namely round-the-clock worrying!

A former colleague of mine once told me that he couldn't go to his wife's ultrasound scan because he had a meeting on the same morning. Today, I realised just how much of a prat he was!

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