Monday, 14 June 2010

Scan you believe it!

Today is a big day for Mini B as we will shortly be heading off for our 20-week scan - albeit actually in week 22.

Are we excited? Yes. Are we nervous? Terribly.

Whenever we've mentioned the 22-week scan to anyone we've inevitably been asked whether we're going to find out the sex of the baby or not? It's as if a light bulb goes off inside people's heads, they're absolutely fascinated to know whether we want to know, and you can almost feel their disappointment when we say no.

However, neither Mrs B or I have ever, for one minute, debated whether or not we'd find out. This is such a magical experience for us all, one that's so full of surprises and new experiences that finding out today would be like discoverig the receipt for your Christmas presents before the big day.

There are so few genuine surprises in life today, almost nothing where there's a 50/50 chance of the result. No X-Factor phone-in or football game is as finely balanced as this, although we've both spent hours on the pundits' bench debating which way it could go.

"Well, there's a long line of men on your father's side."

"Yes, but you're forgetting your grandmother's six sisters!"

However, finding out the sex of Mini B is not the purpose of today's scan anyway. It is the official 'anomally scan' and, as such, is utterly terrifying. We will shortly be sat in our hospital as a stranger examines our unborn child to tell us whether or not he/she is healthy. What could be more worrying? No one asks you about that when you tell them!

All we ask for is a healthy, happy baby, boy or girl!

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