Monday, 19 July 2010

Big boys don't cry, do they?

'Are you crying?' Mrs B asks as the credits roll on Forest Gump.

'Um, no' I lie, thankful for the darkness of our lounge as I subtly wipe away a tear and rapidly change the subject. 'Right then, must put the rubbish out!'

But it seems I'm not alone at being a guy and a self-confessed 30-something occasional movie weeper. Indeed, the BBC has reported  that the newly released Toy Story 3 is reducing men everywhere to sobbing wrecks. Yes, that's right, a cartoon is causing guys everywhere to reach for their hankies.
We're supposed to be impervious to such triviality, genetically programmed to enjoy Die Hard, Rocky and Rambo while scoffing at Disney and Pixar. What will our children think if they see the dependable, emotionally tough father figure in their lives in floods at the death of Bambi's mother? How can we possibly sit on the same sofa if the Lion King turns us in to Gazza a la Italia '90?

In reality, however, of course there's nothing wrong with expressing a bit of 'female emotion,' as one researcher put it. Why should guys fight back the tears if they're watching a moving story in the presence of their nearest and dearest? It's more than likely that you're watching the movie with the person or people who have seen you at your worst anyway, so surely it's ok for men and dads to have a good cry every now and again. Indeed, I especially defy any dog-loving guy out there not to well up at the end of Marley and Me!

As for my verdict on Toy Story 3, I'll let you know once I've plucked up the courage to go and see it.

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  1. I was definitely one of those crying dads in Toy story and I didn't feel the least bit embarrassed. I still said it was dusty in the theatre and with my allergies.....