Friday, 2 July 2010

Six months pregnant, or are we?

Today - according to the numerous emails that seem to clutter our inboxes from baby-related websites that we have never heard of, let alone visited or signed up for - we are officially six months pregnant. Which has left me rather confused.

As far as I can remember from GCSE Biology, the human gestation period is nine months, from kick-off to the big day. Just as the world is round and the sky is blue, it's a figure and fact that we have all been brought up on. Indeed, we can all expect a newborn baby to deny us the chance of sleeping in our beds approximately nine months after the bed-related activity set the whole ball rolling in the first place. Right?


Mrs B and I have, on the whole, been counting the pregnancy in weeks rather than months and, as we all know, there are 40 weeks to count. So, hang on a minute, with months averaging four weeks, that's 10 months in total!

Now, having confirmation from our cyber stalkers that we're six months pregnant already, and with a due date towards the end of October, we have almost four months still to go. So, again, we're looking at a 10-month pregnancy.

To add further confusion, it seems that how far along you are can also be a matter of interpretation. For example, if you are 24 weeks and 1 day you could either say you are 24 weeks pregnant (as in time passed) or 25 weeks pregnant (as you are currently in your 25th week), and the same could apply to months.

Of course, back at the beginning your other half is also 'pregnant' before you've even found your way to the bedroom as the whole process is measured from her last period and not from the moment you fulfilled your initial parental duties!

In short, it's all a bit more complicated than they lead us to believe back when we were giggling at low budget sex education films in biology.

Regardless though, Baby B is on his/her way and, at six months, it's all seeming very real indeed.

Scared? Yes. Excited? Undoubtedly.

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