Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Brits: Has the youth of today gone mad?

There was a day - not too long ago, I like to think - when I knew who the cutting edge artists and bands of the modern day were. A day when a quick scan down the track listing of my 'Now 8' double cassette was enough to confirm that I was plugged in to the youth of my day.

Indeed, back then, my telephone directory-sized Walkman would effortlessly blast everything from Huey Lewis and the News, to REM, Oasis and Blur, direct in to my skull. There was no need to watch Top of The Pops or browse Smash Hits for me, I knew what was cool and I made sure I listened to it.

Today, however, things are slightly different.

[Bieber - who?]

As my wife and I sat at home last night, with a bowl of pasta and a cup of tea, watching the Brits on the telly, it became all too clear how hopelessly out of touch we have become. What's more, it was clear that, perhaps as a direct result of having Baby B four months ago, we had morphed in to our own parents, capable of mispronouncing the names of most bands and artists.

"Who on earth is Tinie Tempah?" I said to Mrs B, before respectfully critiquing the double Brit award winning singer's performance as "utter rubbish!"

It was the same for Ceelo Green. Never heard of him. And as for Justin Bieber, since when have toddlers been allowed to become pop stars?

Ask us to name the country's favourite bottom wipes, or the mst popular CBeebies TV show for four-month-olds, and we could tell you in a nanosecond. Ask us to name a single Bieber hit and you've got more chance of seeing James Corden fit in to a regular-size T-shirt.

Anyway, that's enough of a rant for today. I'm off to find my Five Star tape!

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