Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sleep deprivation sussed!

It's dark and I have been woken by the familiar sounds of Baby B snuffling and gearing up for his first scream of the day. I have absolutely no idea what the time is, half of me is hoping that it's 8am and he has slept through the night, the other half - the half with the fuggy head and bloodshot eyes - has a feeling it's a tad earlier.

It's 4.09am, according to the insanely bright clock on our bedside table.

Mrs B and I stir with the kind of enthusiasm we usually reserve for trips to the dentist. Words are not necessary at this time of day and we communciate with a series of grunts, she readies herself for the impending feed and I crawl out from under the addictive warmth of the duvet.

We've had precisely four hours and 12 minutes sleep and now, as Baby B tucks in to an early breakfast, we're awake. Trying desperately to keep quiet, with the lights low to ensure that he can drift straight off to sleep again once full, we're sat up in bed like two zombies.

Forty five minutes, one burp and a nappy change later we turn the lights off for a brief power sleep before the alarm goes off to mark the official start of another working day.

It's a routine that will be familiar to all new parents but, although it still comes as a shock to me, I do believe I have finally got my head around sleep deprivation and the impact it can have on my working day. The simple answer comes in one word, or rather one cup...


Yes, where would we be without the humble cuppa, the life giving leaves, the sweet tasting adrenalin that keeps us going?

Personally, I'd still be in bed!

So today's post is dedicated to the one thing that is keeping me awake. Thank you tea for keeping me in employment.

Now, who's turn is it to put the kettle on? And who ate the last ginger nut?!

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