Friday, 2 July 2010

June 2010 - What did you miss?

If you're new to Clued Up Dads, here's what you missed in June...

Commuter dilemma of the day: Fat or pregnant?!
Pregnancy week 22: From cranberry to banana
Bump lurve the cake!
Pregnancy and exercise: To run or not to run?!
Scan you believe it!
The relief of the 20-week scan
Flip flop flop
Ebeneezer good
Wife loses husband in B&Q!
Football - a story of dads and sons
Mother-in-law's intuition
Plasters, grazed knees and black eyes!
Sporting idols worth worshipping
24-week abortion limit debate
Nearly new sales...
World Cup woe and newborn hopes
Journo calls breastfeeding "creepy"
Pre-baby pressure
Can a winning mentality be taught?

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